Where to Shop, Withdraw Money and Eat in Rabat Morocco

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Where to Shop, Withdraw Money and Eat in Rabat Morocco

A Shopping Street in Rabat Morocco

Where to Shop, Withdraw Money and Eat in Rabat Morocco

Are you wondering or confused about where to shop, eat or withdraw some money in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco? Don’t worry let us help you out. When it comes to food, you won’t have any problems. Rabat has many excellent restaurants of all kinds to suit all budgets. If you do not prefer to sit in a restaurant, you can always head to the street to try out some awesome street food.

When it comes to shopping Rabat is a shopping haven! From traditional markets to street shopping, you can purchase almost any goods. From clothes, jewellery, shoes, pottery, leather, handicrafts, and carpets to oriental goods. You are likely to bring back a whole lot of stuff home. So, let’s look at some of the places you can eat and shop.

Where to Shop in Rabat Morocco

1. Rue Des Consuls

One of the most popular shopping streets in the capital. If you are looking for crafts or any other gift item this could be the ideal place. From carpets, jewellery, and silks, to furniture this is a place where quality is guaranteed.

2. Souk es-Sabat

Yet another famous shopping point in Rabat. Other than craft items, leather, shoes, and jewellery you can purchase some traditional musical instruments, babouches, and many more items.

3. Rue Souika

A place that can be recommended not only for shopping but also to observe some local colours. So if you would like to shop and wander about at the same time. This is the perfect place.

4. Mache Central

Mache central is popular not only among tourists but also among the locals. A historic market built in the 1920s, it is famous for the variety of goods sold from food, meat, and fruits to flowers.

Where to Eat in Rabat Morocco

1. Le Dhow

A restaurant originally dating back to the 17th century, Le Dhow offers an elegant dining experience with French cuisine and live music.

2. Art Patio

If you are looking for a place where they serve the best Spanish cuisine, this is it! From authentic tapas dishes to many other mouth-watering menus, just sit back relax and taste them while enjoying some live music or watching some Flamenco dancers.

3. Dar Naji

Looking for a place to enjoy a light meal with your family and friends? Dar Naji consists of a beautiful terrace where you can sit and glance at the busy streets of Rabat. The restaurant mainly serves authentic Moroccan dishes and traditional Moroccan tea.

To Withdraw Money

You may need to carry local currency as most of the small shops, restaurants, and bazaars may not accept credit cards. There are plenty of ATMs located in and around Rabat. Check the list below to name a few.

  • Attijariwaffa Bank GAB
  • Banque Populaire
  • Agence BMCI
  • BMCE bank GAB
  • Colchique Voyages
  • Point de vente
  • Wafacash
  • CIB bank ATM
  • Other general ATMs

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A Solo Tour Guide is a local tour guide who specifically helps the Solo Traveller. Especially helping the guest to orientate himself or herself in Rabat. For example to know how to use the local transport system, where the nearest ATM is and the largest supermarket. It is like having a new friend in a city. Someone you can turn to for help. To book your Solo Tour Guide for Rabat Morocco, please click here.

Accommodation in Rabat

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