Afraid of getting lost? Maybe they can help you.

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Afraid of getting lost? Maybe they can help you.

Afraid of getting lost? Maybe they can help you.

One of the most common challenges on going on a solo vacation is the navigation of the place. True enough, it is hard to familiarise yourself with a place like Vietnam, that you have nor seen before, let alone the possible miscommunication among the locals. You can really get lost.

Matilda, a 52 year old midwife tested the waters in travelling alone, she posted her story in an online forum ( she went to Hanoi, Vietnam for her first solo vacation. As someone who’s going out of the country solo for the first time. Her supposed to be fun and relaxing vacation, turns out to be a nightmare.

She was told to book a tour guide to have a companion during her trip. She insisted not to, because she wants to have her alone time. During her trip, she had problems with the transportation and accommodation. But what bothered her the most is instead of having a vacation, she ended up getting lost in Hanoi, Vietnam. It was easy to ask the locals, but for someone who does not have a knowledge in the country’s mother tongue, it was rather hard for her to get from one place to another. She ended up staying at her hotel room for three days out of her week long vacation.

Her curse was broken when her sister booked a Solo Tour Guide for her. The remaining four days were smooth, she got to enjoy her tour by visiting beaches and temples in Vietnam. She even had photos to remember her trip! Booking a tour guide saved her almost nightmare vacation. And now, she is certain that when she wants go on solo vacation, she will be sure to tap a local buddy to be her companion.

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