Using the Moroccan Rail Network to Travel to and from Meknes Morocco

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Using the Moroccan Rail Network to Travel to and from Meknes Morocco

Gare Al Amir Abdelkader Meknes Morocco

Using the Moroccan Rail Network to Travel to and from Meknes Morocco

Indeed yes. Firstly traveling from and to Meknes by train is absolutely a convenient way. On the eastern edge of the city of Meknes near the CTM bus station lies Gare el Amir Abdelkader. One of the two train stations of Meknes. This is where most travelers usually disembark. Secondly you can find a couple of ATMs, and a café situated inside the station. In addition the taxis are readily available outside. If you have already planned places to visit, it’s just a matter of hopping into one. Finally make sure the driver uses the meter to avoid any problems.

Length of Journeys to Meknes Morocco

There are at least two departures to Meknes from any city in western Morocco. Note that there are no trains operating from Rif mountains, Atlas, or central Morocco. The approximate traveling times from each city to Meknes are:-

  • Casablanca – 3 ¼ hours
  • Fes – 45 minutes
  • Marrakesh – 7 hours
  • Rabat – 2 ¼ hours
  • Tangier – 5 ½ hours

No train Service to Agadir

If you are traveling to Agadir, Essaouira, or Tetouan, you may have to use a special bus service called Supratours. Make sure you reserve your seat a month prior to the date of travel. You can make the reservation by phone. Alternatively you can buy the tickets at the bus station through one of the authorized agents. As most of the agents do not accept credit cards it is a wise idea to carry some local currency with you.

How to purchase train tickets?

  • Purchase online – the official site to book your train journey is which also accepts foreign credit cards. However, all bookings have to be made one month before the actual travel date. If you are already in Morocco simply call them up on 0890209040 to make your reservation.
  • Buy at the station – you can always buy the tickets at the station itself on the day of traveling or the previous. As most of the stations accept only local currency make sure you exchange your money before entering the station. Even though most of these trains have seats available most of the time, sometimes you may face bad luck if you plan to purchase at the station, so this is something to keep in mind. Certain shuttle trains too sell tickets on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Book through an agent – sometimes it can be challenging to book the trains on your own. To make your life easier, there are authorized agents who do the needful for you. These agents can arrange the tickets to be collected from a particular city or if it is a daytime train they can even email it to you. TravelLink and Ando Travels are two such travel agencies.

Travel tips

  • Most of your transportation in Meknes has to be made by taxis as there is no particular public transportation mode in Meknes.
  • The train is the most convenient way to visit the imperial city in Meknes.

Book A Solo Tour Guide For Meknes Morocco

A Solo Tour Guide is a tour guide for solo travelers to help the guest orientate themselves within a new city. To show you the places you really want to know so that you can explore on your own at a later time. Things like is there a major supermarket in town, what are the major mobile telecom companies and which is the best. Perhaps you want to know where the nearest medical center is or looking for a recommended optician. Indeed that local knowledge from a trusted tour guide is essential for a care free visit. Ask too about how to get around. Of course the Solo Tour Guide can show you the sights if you want, but perhaps a visit to the bakery to try a local delicacy may be more important!

To book a Solo Tour Guide in Meknes, please click here.

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Accommodation in Meknes

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