Traveling Alone in Montevideo Uruguay

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Traveling Alone in Montevideo Uruguay

Traveling Alone in Montevideo Uruguay


Solo travel is an incredibly self-affirming and daring thing to accomplish. Moreover Uruguay has the lowest crime rate among South American countries, making it a great destination for solitary travelers. There are plenty of enjoyable activities to do in Montevideo, Uruguay. Here’s your guide to seeing Montevideo, Uruguay, from riding a bike along the Rambla to touring Ciudad Vieja.

Explore the Ocean

Riding a bike on the “Rambla“, the coastal walkway, is one of the nicest things to do in this city. Additionally take a boat and explore beaches such as Pocitos and Playa Malvin. Even in the dead of winter, you’ll see plenty of people walking, jogging, or riding their bikes along the trail.

Visit Independence Square

Plaza Independencia (Spanish meaning Independence Square) is home to 33 palm palms, each representing one of the 33 patriots that battled for the country’s independence. The city is a mash-up of old and new. The ancient square and the modern portion of town are separated by Independence Square. Standing here, they believe you can see into the future and back into the past. Their most magnificent structure is located at Plaza Independencia.

Go to Sarandi and the Mercado Del Puerto

Palacio Salvo, which houses the Tango Museum of Montevideo, is also located on the square. The Palacio Salvo is 100 meters tall and resembles the one in Buenos Aires. Sarandi is a pedestrian corridor dotted with stores and eateries, as well as a lovely bookstore. Walk to the Port to view the sunset and explore the nearby Mercado del Puerto.

Getting to Montevideo Uruguay

The Buquebus, a two-hour boat journey from Buenos Aires to Colonia, Uruguay, is available. Take the two-hour bus from Colonia to Montevideo. Direct ferry journeys are also available.

Of course flying straight into Montevideo is an obvious option

Accommodation in Montevideo Uruguay

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A few suggestions for your solo trip

  • Practice your Spanish with the locals and learn about the city’s attractions. Alternatively hire a friendly local tour guide to help you.
  • Don’t be hesitant to make new acquaintances in the area. Couchsurfing is a terrific method to meet nice people; if that’s not your thing, talk to the owners and employees at your lodging.
  • Take simple precautions: avoid engaging with strangers if you’re walking alone late at night, learn which neighborhoods are secure and which aren’t, and remain in public places or your accommodation.
  • Write, read, or sketch in the charming small café you discovered while exploring the city. Rent a bike or go for a run around the countryside, the beach, or the promenade. Learn where you can rent equipment for rock climbing, surfing, or skating.
  • Montevideo is the capital city, so it will be bustling all year, but you should also examine each neighborhood to see if you’re staying in a busy or quiet location.

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