Things to do in Merzouga in the Moroccan Desert

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Things to do in Merzouga in the Moroccan Desert

A camel ride in Merzouga in the Moroccan Desert


Merzouga in the Moroccan Desert is a destination that can astonish you in many ways. How about a kaleidoscope of birdlife nourished in the middle of the desert to start with? And how does a Moroccan desert that can provide awesome Berber food sound? Merzouga offers a blend of history and desert lifestyle at the same time with the soothing music of the Gnawas. The orange, bronze, and golden dunes on the border of Morocco and Algeria are often called everybody’s romantic notion of the Sahara. So, let’s explore some of Merzouga’s best to make your journey here worth it.

A Gnawa playing music

A Gnawa playing music

1. Erg Chebbi

This magnificent sea of golden dunes is located towards the Moroccan-Algeria border about 30 kilometers east of Merzouga. Well, there is a reason people from all around the world visit here. The reddish tones the daytime sun brings to the sand are truly magical. Surprisingly the dunes can rise up to 150 meters above the surrounding desert. Explore the beauty with a camel ride, on foot, ATV, or simply by camping overnight.

2. A Camel Ride in the Moroccan Desert

There is no better way to explore the beauty of this desert settlement than by a camel ride which will resemble the nomadic desert lifestyle you have seen in the movies. However, choosing the right tour operator can be quite tricky. Make sure to recheck the inclusions of the package such as water, tents, and food. Enjoy a lovely evening with traditional live music and witness the stars that you have never witnessed in your life before.

Le Lac Dayet Srij

Le Lac Dayet Srij

3. Lac Dayet Srij

If you haven’t seen a mirage in your life, have a look at the Lac Dayet Srij! The brackish lake which is only replenished by the autumn rains is simply a blue sheet that covers a part of the desert. Of course, this is a rare photogenic scenery in the desert not to mention the incredible 30 different species of birdlife that surround it. Pipits, sandpipers, wagtails, plovers, shelducks, and storks to name a few.

Beef and Pear Tagine

Beef and Pear Tagine

4. Tagines

You may have tasted tagine before, maybe not the traditional Moroccan stews that are cooked in clay pots. The taste has a unique contrast of sweet and sour. Lamb, mutton, chicken, or any veg dish you will surely want to learn the art of preparing a Berber family Tangine. Try some mint tea along with it and.. you are welcome!

Travel tips

  • Best time to visit – February to April and September to November offer the most pleasant temperatures for an adventurous desert experience.
  • Water – Dehydration is something to be considered seriously. So, you know what to do!
  • Scarf – wear a scarf during camel rides. This will prevent sand from blowing through your hair.
  • Sunglasses – well. This is a must, especially when hitting the dunes for the first time.
  • Camel rides – Can be quite bumpy but definitely more comfortable than a horse ride. Stretch your legs before the ride.
  • Money – Carry some local currency to tip your guide.

Book A Solo Tour Guide To Make The Most of Your Trip to the Moroccan Desert

Whilst going solo can be adventurous, some times it is best to think safety first. A Solo Tour Guide is your friendly tour guide who has your interests at heart. Indeed they look after your safety and welfare at all times. Moreover they offer essential advice to help you enjoy your vacation. Check out who is available for Merzouga in the Moroccan Desert by clicking here.

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Accommodation in Merzouga

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