The Top 5 Things to Do in Seoul Korea

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The Top 5 Things to Do in Seoul Korea

The Top 5 Things To Do in Seoul Korea

The Top 5 Things to Do in Seoul Korea

1. Visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace – The Most Popular Things To Do in Seoul

The National Museum of Korea and the National Folk Museum are housed on the grounds of this palace, erected six centuries ago by the Chosun dynasty’s founder. This is a fascinating spot to spend most of the day. Don’t miss the changing of the guards, which happens multiple times during the day. You may also book a visit to the Gyeonghoeru Pavillion online. The grounds are neat and well-kept. You can’t get back into the palace if you go to the museum, so do it after you’ve finished visiting the court. The museum exits onto a major road from which you can easily take public transportation or a cab.

2. Hike in the Bukhansan National Park

Hiking is a common sport in Seoul, and this beautiful national park outside the city is a local favorite. You’ll witness a lot of flora and animals, temples, and old fortifications, in addition to a range of hiking paths for any ability level. Hiking up the 830m granite slope from the west to the eastern entrance is possible. The track is well-marked so that you won’t get lost. The route features guardrails and stairs at various places to guide and protect hikers, so you will feel comfortable as you make your way up the hill.

3. Window Shopping in Myeongdong Shopping Street

Myeongdong Shopping Street - a must as one of the things to do in Seoul

Myeongdong Shopping Street – a must as one of the things to do in Seoul

Perhaps Seoul’s most renowned and undeniably one of its most popular neighborhoods, takes shopping and eating to new heights. Myeongdong is a street with hundreds of stores, restaurants, and cafés built on top of one another. Because of the growing popularity of Korean cosmetics, fashion, and other items, this neighborhood has become a must-see for visitors who marvel at Myeongdong’s frequently hectic speed and intensity. The enormous department shops of Lotte and Shinsaegae are particularly major draws for Korean and luxury goods.

4. VIsit the Changdeokgung Palace

This 600-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site is the crown gem of the city. It is notable for its unique architectural elements and lush and spacious gardens. The architecture, roof lines, paintings, and trees are all stunning. And the concrete “gargoyles” are various creatures with incredible preservation. It’s mostly made up of scenically set-out, unoccupied structures. Changdeokgung Palace features a secret garden that you must pay to see. It is only accessible via guided tours, available in various languages, so make sure you book the correct one. The trip is instructive and lasts between 70 and 90 minutes, depending on the weather. The gardens are beautiful and worth seeing.

5. Learn About The War Memorial of Korea

This is a fantastic and touching museum and memorial hall. It is an impressive memorial to the efforts of the UN mission and the Korean people. Indeed you will leave with a strong understanding of the Korean people’s hardships throughout their long history. The displayed artifacts span all of documented Korean history, culminating in recent and moving changing exhibits. This is a must-see for history buffs. This is an excellent venue to learn about Korea’s war history, particularly with North Korea, thanks to poignant exhibitions, war artifacts, artworks, and military equipment. The collection of authentic tanks and warplanes will appeal to children.

Book a Solo Tour Guide to Choose Which Things To Do in Seoul

Whilst it is great to adventure on your own to discover new places, it is even better to discover them with a Solo Tour Guide, your friendly tour guide. A local knowledgeable who can communicate with Koreans in their language, especially when it comes to shopping, travel and restaurants. Not only do they know the main tourist sites but they will be able to show you places that you would not find or know about if you were on your own. Moreover it is a fun way to discover a city. To see who is available as your Solo Tour Guide for Seoul, click here.

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