The Top 5 Things to Do in Pristina Kosovo

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The Top 5 Things to Do in Pristina Kosovo

Newborn Memorial - One of the Things To Do in Pristina Kosovo

The Top 5 Things to Do in Pristina Kosovo

1. Take A Free Guided Tour of the Ethnographic Museum – one of the most popular things to do in Pristina

The visit to the Ethnological Museum is a gift—the exhibition is engaging, admission is free, and you are given a guided tour by one of the museum’s employees. This museum is located in the ancient historical district of Pristina. A little town with a rich history. You may learn much about how people lived a century ago in this neighborhood. It was a fascinating experience. You may express your gratitude by making a voluntary donation.

2. Take A Stroll in Germia Park

Germia Park is a small, forested park with activities and eateries. The park has a swimming pool, a theater, volleyball, basketball, and tennis facilities, walking pathways with benches, children’s playgrounds, and a freshwater spring from which you may drink. The pool is quite extraordinary—shaped it’s like a lake and features a slide. There are two eateries nearby. Germia Park has so much to offer that it stimulates social contact and physical activity! Fresh air may make you feel so much better. This park is an excellent alternative for getting away from stress!

3. Have A Macchiato By the Newborn Memorial

A well-known monument in the heart of Pristina, the monument’s significance is vital to Kosovo. Every year on Kosovo’s birthday, they commemorate a different theme; in 2022, the theme is violence against women. This is a great spot to drink a Macchiato while observing the passing traffic in the city’s famous sports district and walking around the stadium! If you admire Soviet architecture, you should look at the building straight up the steps behind the monument.

4. Shop To Drop at the ALBI Shopping Mall

Without a doubt, ALBI Mall contains everything you seek. It has a diverse range of retailers, brands, and items with a fantastic size (4-5 floors of retail) that is also relatively easy to traverse. This is one of the Balkans’ most significant mall food courts; a typical American food court. It’s a pretty American-style mall. The mall is easily accessible from any hotel in the city, and the bus line runs immediately through it. As a result of being located on the main highway, the mall is easily accessible from hotels outside the city. A fantastic shopping experience that brings together residents, tourists, and top brands for a shared experience. It’s a must-see for all visitors to Pristina.

5. Check Out the Mother Teresa Cathedral

The new church in Pristina, unofficially named after a prominent ethnic Albanian nun. It is a pleasant addition to the city’s skyline. Built-in new-renaissance Italianate style, its two campanile towers will stand 70 meters tall when finished. However, construction appears to have halted since the venue’s dedication in September 2010. The Albanian diaspora raised around €1 million for the project. While the structure is available to the public, keep in mind that it is still under construction, so say your prayers before entering.

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