The Top 5 Things to Do in Port-Au-Prince Haiti

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The Top 5 Things to Do in Port-Au-Prince Haiti

Things To Do in Port-Au-Prince Haiti

The Top 5 Things to Do in Port-Au-Prince Haiti

1. See the Anchor from Colombus’ Sant Maria at the Musee du Pantheon National Haïtien – One of the Most Popular Things To do in Port-Au-Prince

This museum houses the ashes of national heroes. It is a significant piece of Haitian national heritage. As you descend underground to explore the holy remains of Haiti’s forebears, you learn about pre-Colonial life on the island and then the remarkable and varied genealogy of Haitian rulers of the state. Several intriguing items are on display, including one of the most significant – the anchor from Columbus’ Santa Maria. There is also a collection of modern Haitian art and a fascinating multimedia room where you can see the tennis racket used by 2018 US Open winner Naomi Osaka, the first person of Haitian heritage to win a Grand Slam.

2. Buy Something from Papillon Enterprises

Papillon Enterprises is a socially and environmentally aware company that sells and markets Haitian artisan items. Thereby helping to stimulate the Haitian economy. They provide a lovely and secure shopping experience with a wide range of local crafts. While you’re out shopping, get a smoothie or a cup of coffee. All the funds go to sustaining their families and save moms from making the difficult decision to give up their children due to financial constraints. It helps to keep families together! If there is a tour of the institution, take advantage of it. You can watch the individual craftsmen at work.

3.Viist the El-Saieh Gallery

Port-au-Prince is a metropolis of almost 3 million inhabitants located in the country’s center on the west coast. It is a tangle of steep, narrow, bending lanes clogged with traffic that rises into the mountains. The El-Saieh Gallery is a haven amid chaos. Issa El-Saieh, a jazz band leader and painting patron, founded the gallery. It is presently run by his son and daughter-in-law, Jean-Emmanuel and Sharona El-Saieh. As Issa’s collection grew in size it began to occupy every room of the house, covering the walls, and heaped on the floor. So much so that his living accommodations shrank until he resided in a tiny room with a kitchen and a bathroom. When he died, his son and daughter-in-law continued his legacy.

4. Taste Some Local Rum at the Barbancourt Rum Distillery

If you enjoy Caribbean rum, this is a must-see attraction. It’s a 15-year-old Barbancourt distilled near Port-au-Prince, Haiti. You can take a tour of this intriguing location. And, except for their lab/development area, you can take photographs. The aging process for rum is fascinating, beginning with distillation and progressing through numerous phases. During this time, the product is aged in French oak barrels.

5. Visit the Bureau of Ethnology

The Bureau of Ethnology, restored after the catastrophic earthquake, is now an excellent spot for a calm and instructive visit. The entry area has some beautiful ancient trees for shade, pleasant benches, and several significant monuments and commemorations. The displays highlight the real insights into Haitian, Taino, and African history, including vodou. Moreover the collections include information placards in both French and English. Also the museum has links to a higher education facility with its library. Furthermore you can utilize the archives and library.

Book A Solo Tour Guide For Things To Do in Port-Au-Prince

To discover new things to do in Port-au-Prince, book a Solo Tour Guide, your friendly local guide who looks after the Solo Traveler. That local knowledge can be invaluable for you to get the most out of your vacation. Things like knowing the transport system, the local apps, where the largest supermarket is for everyday supplies and the customs of the country. Knowing where the locals eat for value for money to avoid the tourist traps, is also great information to have. You plan the tour together so you include what you want to do and when. The Solo Tour Guide is there to offer suggestions, always looking after your safety and welfare at all times. A true friend. To see who is available in Port-Au-Prince, please click here.

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