The Top 5 Things to Do in Managua Nicaragua

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The Top 5 Things to Do in Managua Nicaragua

Things To Do in Managua Nicaragua

The Top 5 Things to Do in Managua Nicaragua


1. Try Some Ethnic Food At the Puerto Salvador Allende

This lovely waterfront area has colorful decorations and attractive straw-covered cabanas to sit beneath. This is a pleasant spot to wander. Indeed there are a few food shops serving various ethnic cuisines where you may get something to eat. It’s a great spot to roam at night, listen to music, people-watch, and have supper. The region is also safe at night and is appropriate for families. There is lots of parking available.


2. Take a Photo from Loma de Tiscapa

This is an excellent location for panoramic views of Managua. At the viewpoint’s summit is a giant statue of the historical character Sandino. Plenty of parking is available on-site. Remember that there isn’t much shade here, so pack lots of sunscreens, especially if you visit on a hot day. In this historic location, take in the vistas, the wind, and the sunset. In addition there is a museum. Moreover an excellent vantage point gives you wonderful views of the city. You can even view the old Cathedral and the lake from the top, which helps you establish your bearings.


3. Visit the Antigua Catedral de Managua from Afar

The Antigua Catedral, or “old cathedral,” is a stunning piece of architecture in Managua’s core. This Cathedral was erected in 1928 in an attractive European design, but it sustained severe damage after the 1972 earthquake. It is no longer operational. The massive clock on the right tower stops at 12.35 a.m., the earthquake time. If you enjoy history, you should go there. Since it is in such poor condition, you can only view the structure from afar. As a result of such damage, you cannot enter it. The Antigua Catedral is a must-see in Managua if you want to witness a lovely piece of history.


4. See Inside the Teatro Nacional Ruben Dario

This is undoubtedly one of the most stunning theatres in Latin America, and it is highly recommended for people interested in world-class cultural performances. The structure’s appearance is unremarkable, but the inside decorations are worth the entry price. The theatre frequently varies its presentations and is famous for its wide range of productions. If there is no performance, the Teatro is closed; nevertheless, make a beeline for it if there is one! The theatre is split into two sections. For bigger concerts, one with a huge stage and great capacity seats, and the other with two stunning crystal chandeliers for smaller shows and art displays.


5. Visit the Mezquita De Managua

This is a beautiful mosque located south of Managua’s old center. On top of the lovely worship place inside, this mosque offers a library and a play area. It’s surprising to find such a stunning Mosque in Managua, especially given the city’s small Muslim population. Therefore consider it as a must-see if you’re in Managua.


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