The Top 5 Things to Do in Abuja Nigeria

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The Top 5 Things to Do in Abuja Nigeria

Things To Do in Abuja Nigeria

The Top 5 Things to Do in Abuja Nigeria

1. Visit Abuja National Mosque

Abuja National Mosque, also known as The National Mosque of Nigeria and The Nigerian National Mosque, is a significant landmark in the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city. This massive, amazing ‘wonder’ dominates the Abuja skyline which you can see from miles away! It is conveniently located on Independence Avenue, just a short distance from the National Christian Center. The National Mosque is home to an Islamic Center, a Conference Room, and a Library. Additional residential/living quarters exist for the mosque’s Imam and other significant Muezzins and religious dignitaries.


2. Go to Jabi Lake

Jabi Lake is the most famous lake in Abuja. This 1,300-hectare lake is an artificial body initially built to give water to the people of Abuja, FCT. After the creation of the Usuma Dam, it became a popular tourist destination and fishing place. Jabi Park, a recreational park close to the lake, is famous for picnics, informal family trips, and outdoor sports. Except for boat and kayak tours across the lake, there aren’t many activities available. This makes it a popular destination for both families with children and visitors.


3. Pay a visit to Bature Brewery

Bature Can Designs

Bature Can Designs

This is West Africa’s first artisan brewery. Indeed get inspiration from Nigeria’s spices, flavors, and hustling. Go there and sample some of the country’s freshest beers and some excellent conversation. Bature is beside the Johnny Rockets shopping complex and offers plenty of parking. While Bature’s rooms are limited, they make the most of them, and it often seems more ‘cozy’ than ‘crunched.’ Given the weather in Abuja, taking your drink to an outside table might be a soothing experience.


4. Explore the Nike Art Gallery

The Center opened in 1992 on a government-allocated property and is a true haven for art lovers and African culture enthusiasts. A large gallery presenting contemporary Nigerian art in many mediums. All in a bright array of beads, thread, ink, and paint, likely to appeal to everybody, including non-art enthusiasts. Moreover there are many abstract and portraiture works in this inventive mix of the ancient, modern, bold, and beautiful. Handcrafted cotton, also known as Adire, Tie and dye, and Batik, are carefully organized in another area of the room, besides antique woven fabric, ‘ashoke,’ and handcrafted bead necklaces.


5. Stop by Thought Pyramid Art Centre

Thought Pyramid Art Centre Abuja

Thought Pyramid Art Centre Abuja

The Thought Pyramid is a beautiful Art Gallery in an artistically pleasing setting. It features a large, open area with distinctive, sparse metal fencing surrounding the ‘well-manicured,’ beautiful property. There is a restaurant on the site of The Thought Pyramid, next to the gallery entrance. Jeff Ajeushi, Creative Director, Gallerist, and Curator, launched it in 2007/2008. Ajeushi wished to establish a creative place with “no borders between art, craft, and design”.


Other things to do in Abuja Nigeria

  • Hike Abuja’s Wonderland Mountain.
  • Tour the Gurara Waterfall.

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