Self Orientation in Casablanca Morocco

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Self Orientation in Casablanca Morocco

The Hasaan II Mosque from the corniche in Casablanca

Self Orientation in Casablanca Morocco

Found yourself in Casablanca but unable to figure out what to do that peeks your interests, or how to do it? No need to worry, you’ve come to the right place. Although most tourists usually skip Morocco’s largest city for more traditional parts of the country, that isn’t to say that this business and financial hub hasn’t got anything to offer.

History and Culture

If you are into exploring cultural sites, there’s no better place to start than the Hassan II Mosque. Although not particularly historic, being constructed in 1993, this Mosque is a beacon of Moroccan artisanship. Take a tour and view the intricate details of mosaic tiling, marble columns, Islamic style Muqarnas, giant glass chandeliers, and the second tallest minaret in the world.

Don’t forget to step out onto the Corniche to grab the perfect picture of the Mosque overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, or sip a coffee at Le Gatsby Café. That’ll offer you the perfect sunset view of the Mosque.

In contrast you could also explore the Sacre-Coeur Cathedral, constructed in 1930. This, now non-functioning church is a cultural centre, and you could take in the blend of Moroccan Muslim and Neo-Gothic architecture. Also visit the Museum of Moroccan Judaism, the only dedicated Jewish Museum in the Arab world. This museum is home to priceless art, religious, cultural, and historical artifacts preserving the culture of Morocco’s Jewish community.

Further you could explore the Place Mohamed V, a public square, or the nearby streets of Boulevard Mohamed V and Rue Tahir Sebti to view Morocco’s unique Mauresque architectural style. It’s a blend of Parisian Art Deco and Neo-Moorish and is very aesthetic to see.


To soak in the pulse of modern-day urban life in Casablanca step into Medina (The Old City). It’s winding alleys dotted with houses, shops, shrines, and markets are the perfect way to immerse yourself in local life. Also explore Marche Central, a bustling market selling everything from fruits, spices and household items to delicious traditional Moroccan street food. There’s also the more tourist oriented Souq Haboos selling souvenirs and handicrafts like carpets and painted tiles. To sample some traditional Moroccan cuisine head to La Sqala, to try some pigeon pastilla, tagine or couscous.


Getting about Casablanca is relatively easy. The cheapest method to get about would be by bus. You can get a bus from the Casa Voyageurs or Casa Port bus terminals. However, it can get overcrowded and there’s multiple routes and operators and that can be confusing so do your research to ensure you get on the correct route.

There’s also a new tram network that has 2 lines and covers most of the city although slightly pricier than the bus.

There are also regular taxis to get directly to where you are going. Morocco has 2 types of taxis, the Grand Taxi, and the Petit Taxi. For travel within the city stick to the Petit Taxis, small red cars. Popular e-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft do not operate in Morocco, although a popular alternative is Careem.

Book A Solo Tour Guide To Help You Orientate Yourself Around Casablanca

Whilst you can certainly tour around Casablanca on your own, it is a good idea to book a tour guide to hep you orientate yourself. To know where the nearest ATM is, the supermarket, the local SIM card, and where to do your PCR test for your return journey. Book a Solo Tour Guide, a local who helps solo travelers find their feet around a city. For Casbalanca, please click here.

You also may wish to visit other cities in Morocco, like Marrakesh, Meknes, Merzouga or Rabat.

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