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Solo Tour Guides

To fully appreciate Sarajevo you need to book a Solo Tour Guide, your local friendly tour guide. They will be able to show you around like a local. Whether you want to see the tourist sites, places off the beaten track or discover new experiences. Then the Solo Tour Guide is there to help you. Above all, they look after your safety and welfare at all times.


An ambitious, diligent and eloquent person who enjoys interacting with people. Currently, she is studying for a bachelor degree in software engineering. In addition to this, Lejla enjoys sports, traveling and meeting new people. Lejla can definitely help you orientate yourself and show you the most beautiful places to ensure you have the best holiday experience ever. Above all, for her the most important thing, is that her guests are satisfied and feel happy.Lejla is 25 years old, covid vaccinated, a non smoker and speaks Bosnian, English and basic German.

Total cost for the guide services of Lejla for a full day of 8 hours = a non refundable deposit of 45 euros  by Paypal or major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) PLUS 80 euros in cash to Lejla after her services. Total 125  euros.

Alternatively for the guide services of Lejla for half a day of 4 hours = a non refundable deposit of 25 euros by Paypal or major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) PLUS 50 euros in cash to Lejla after her services. Total 75 euros.

This does not include transport, entrance fees or any food & beverage costs.

How To book A Solo Tour Guide

To book any of our Solo Tour Guides please go to the enquiry form.

Or send an email to

Alternatively whatsapp +94-75-225-0678.

Remember a Solo Tour Guide looks after your safety and welfare at all times.


Make the most of your stay in Sarajevo and book one or more of these wonderful activities.

Highlights of Sarajevo

Sarajevo is the capital and therefore the largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a population of 275,524. It is situated along the Miljacka River in the heart of the Balkans.

Sarajevo is the financial and cultural centre of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is sometimes called the “Jerusalem of Europe” because of its history of religious and cultural diversity. Furthermore, it is one of only a few major European cities to have a Catholic church, Orthodox church, mosque and synagogue all within the same neighborhood.

Sarajevo is a city where east meets west in terms of culture and diversity. In addition to this, friendly people and amazing food (and even a large array of Vegan friendly restaurants) will make your stay in Sarajevo unforgettable.

It has mostly a continental climate. ie: warm summer months with a temperature above 25°C and cold winter months with temperatures down to -20°C. However, the average is around 0°C to -5°C.

Sarajevo’s natural environment

There are 3 mountains that surround Sarajevo and these are actually Olympic mountains. Sarajevo was a host to the Winter Olympic Games in 1984. This is when these mountains were fully equipped and prepared for all activities.

Bjelasnica is the highest of those three mountains with a peak of 2067 metres. It is called Bjelasnica, which in the native language means white. You can find many hotels, apartments and restaurants here and even a Ski lift.

Igman has a peak of 1510 metres. Igman is popular as a destination for mountain biking, hiking and skiing.

Finally, Trebevic is the closest mountain to Sarajevo. It is connected to the city centre by cable car and it takes only 12 minutes to reach the mountain. The highest peak is at 1627 metres. During the winter Olympics it was most popular for bobsledding. Nowadays it serves only for taking pictures but not for any kind of sports.


Worldwide Taxi Service

Find a comfortable and affordable transfer all around the world.

You can pre-order an inexpensive taxi transfer to the city centre or to the airport. A luxury transfer option is also available. The transfer cost is fixed at the time of pre-order and never rises regardless of how long the driver has to wait for you, stoppages and traffic jams.

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