Safety and the Different Districts of Lagos Nigeria

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Safety and the Different Districts of Lagos Nigeria

Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria

Safety and the Different Districts of Lagos Nigeria

If your next dream destination is Lagos Nigeria we think it might be important for you to get a little bit of insight into the different districts. And safety tips when traveling within those districts. The main districts of Nigeria are in greater Lagos, the mainland, and the islands. There are three bridges namely, the Carter bridge, the Eko bridge, and the Mainland bridge. These connect the mainland with the islands. Let’s learn about the districts and some basic safety information.

The Mainland of Lagos Nigeria

Most of the citizens and industries occupy the mainland. The mainland consists of two stadiums, a national theatre, and a university. The Murtala Muhammed International Airport is situated in Ikeja. Cities such as Mushin, Somolu, Maryland, Isolo, and Agege are also situated in the greater Lagos.

Lagos Island

Glover Memorial Hall Nigeria Lagos

Glover Memorial Hall Nigeria Lagos

This is the central business district of Nigeria. The island contains most of the commercial buildings and of course many businesses. The famous wholesale market places, the national museum, and Glover Memorial Hall are also located on the island. On the eastern half of the island lies Ikoyi, which is famous for Africa’s biggest golf course. Morevoer it also consists of many hotels and nightclubs. Definitely, a visit is worth it.

Victoria Island

Also known as V.I is famous for the country’s famous entertainment spots. It also contains several shopping districts. The famous Bar Beach is located on this island. Many tourists from around the world visit V.I. throughout the year.

Eko Atlantic City

A new city that is still under construction. The city is intended to cater to financial, commercial, tourist, and residential needs. The state of the art city is supposed to provide modern water, waste management, security, and modern transportation systems to the residents and visitors.

Safety tips

  • Crimes – over the years the political backdrop of Nigeria has opened doors for many crimes such as pickpocketing, muggings, armed robberies, and carjacking. These are pretty common, especially in the south of Nigeria.
  • Terrorism – is pretty common in the north of Nigeria. So, pay attention to your surroundings and watch some local news before you head to crowded cities.
  • When traveling – Minimize carrying a huge amount of cash. Tourists are most vulnerable to theft.
  • Credit cards frauds – are pretty common in Nigeria. So, minimize the use of credit cards and try to do cash transactions as much as possible.
  • Robbers – may often appear as taxi drivers near the airport. Be vigilant. Seek the assistance of the airport authority if anyone seems suspicious. Better still make sure the hotel you booked provides you with airport transfer to your hotel.
  • Restricted areas – Due to the risk of terrorist attacks, Yobe state, Adamawa state, and Borno are considered restricted zones. So, avoid planning any visits to these states.
  • Kidnapping – Robberies and kidnapping are most common in Lagos. Most crimes occur past 10 pm so avoid traveling alone or even with a group at night.
  • Money scams and fake marriages – Pretty common via online platforms and emails. If you suspect any conversation or message report it to the authorities immediately.

Book A Solo Tour Guide in Lagos Nigeria

IF safety in Lagos Nigeria is your concern, then hire a Solo Tour Guide who looks after your safety and welfare at all times. The very fact that you are accompanied by a local will reduce the possibility of any unsavoury approached. A Solo Tour Guide is a local friendly tour guide especially for Solo Travelers. To book one for Lagos Nigeria, please click here.

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