How To Travel Further Afield From Nairobi Kenya

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How To Travel Further Afield From Nairobi Kenya

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How To Travel Further Afield From Nairobi Kenya

If you ever find yourself in bustling Nairobi Kenya, you may wish to explore and look beyond. Here are several of many options you could try.

Inland from Nairobi Kenya

The Karen Blixen Museum

If all you’ve got time for is a quick day trip, the Karen Blixen Museum is a great option. A mere 30-minute taxi ride from Nairobi. Built in 1912, the property was once home to Danish author Baroness Karen Blixen, writer of the famous novel ‘Out of Africa’. Moreover it now serves as a national museum with house and coffee plantation tours.

Hell’s Gate National Park

Check out Hell’s Gate National Park, located approximately 2.5 hours’ drive from Nairobi. It’s aptly named due to its geothermal nature. In particular featuring extinct volcanoes and hot springs. Dangerous wildlife is very rare here so you can hike, bike and camp. This Park was also the inspiration for the 1994 Disney film ‘Lion King’.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Further up you’ll find Lake Nakuru National Park. Get your camera ready because this park is most popularly known for the millions of nesting flamingos around the lake. In addition the park but also boasts lions, rhinos, leopards, baboons, pythons and cheetahs. Take a safari or go bird watching and soak in the amazing landscape of nature at its best. The cheapest way to get to both is via a Mataatu minibus from Nairobi City Centre and then hail a taxi. However, this method could sometimes be slightly chaotic and tiring. So you may prefer to hire a taxi directly from Nairobi itself.



To explore more of Kenya’s Indian Ocean coastline, you must get to Mombasa. The easiest way is by taking the state-of-the-art Madaraka Express Train. This 6-hour train journey cuts through the African bush. An experience in itself. The train winds past national parks and wildlife that can be viewed from the comfort of your own seat. Ticket prices vary between 10 to 30 USD. The train departs Nairobi in the morning at 8am and in the afternoon at 3pm..

Fort Jesus

While in Mombasa be sure to visit Fort Jesus, a historic Portuguese Fort built in 1593. The site became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. The Fort blends Portuguese, Swahili, Omani and some British influence too .

Diani Beach

Just a 1-hour taxi ride south of Mombasa you’ll find Diani Beach with attractions. Sea sports such as snorkelling to see the coral reefs and jet skiing are popular. On the other had you could go to spot the black and white Colobus Monkeys. The beach is also dotted with bars and restaurants, and has an active night life.

Lamu Island

North of Mombasa you’ll find Lamu Island. From here you can take a boat ride across the Lamu Archipelago in a tradition Swahili Dhow sailing boat. These boats once transported both goods and people between East Africa, South Asia and the Middle East. Indeed they were the life blood of Swahili trade. The recommended method to get there is to fly from Mombasa to Lamu on a local airline like Skyward Express. Although it would cost more, you’ll get to Lamu in under an hour and have plenty of time to explore it.

Book A Solo Tour Guide for Nairobi Kenya

Whilst it is great to go out exploring as a Solo Traveller, meeting a friendly local there to explain all your options can be a highly desirable. It may save you time and headaches. A Solo Tour Guide does that. He or she looks after your safety, welfare and interests at all times. Especially for the Solo Traveller. To contact a Solo Tour Guide please click on the city you in which you seek assistance with a smile – Nairobi or Mombasa.

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