How To Orientate Yourself in Kigali Rwanda

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How To Orientate Yourself in Kigali Rwanda

Kigali Convention Complex

How To Orientate Yourself in Kigali Rwanda

Kigali is of course one of the coolest capital cities in Africa. Moreover with flowers, hills, beautiful boulevards, and bustling streets, everything a traveller can expect is already here! After the revolting horrors back in 1994, Kigali gained various foreign infrastructure projects. All to help bring back the capital to some form of normality. As a result in the past two decades many foreign and state investments have helped the rebirth of once a chaotic capital. Also With Kigali in the centre of Rwanda, you can use it as a hub to help you organise yourself to visit the rest of Rwanda.

In the meantime let us look at some main attractions to visit which will help you orientate yourself!

1. Kigali Genocide Memorial

The memorial honours the graves of 250,000 people. Butchered by the Interahamwe army in a span of just 100 days. There is also an exhibition explaining how the world watched while the genocides took place. Considering the graphic detail, get ready for a super charged emotional experience.

2.Inema Arts Centre

This is one of the leading modern art galleries found in Kigali. The privately-owned gallery contains the work of 10 local artists and guests. In addition to paintings, you can see sculptures, traditional crafts, dance, and listen to music. Moreover you can buy any of the the paintings with shipping arranged to anywhere in the world.

3. Museum of Natural History

The museum is the iconic residence of explorer Richard Kandt. Incidentally it is the very first building in Kigali (1907). This is the best museum that reveals the natural wonders of Rwanda. It also comprises a sensational garden that can help your Insta clicks! Note: many taxi drivers may not know the place by the museum of natural history. Instead just mention Richard Kandt’s residence, they all know it.

4.Presidential Palace Museum

From secret rooms to a private nightclub, this presidential palace sure helps you get an idea of how a president once lived. The wreckage of the private plane of Juvenal Habyarimana is still visible in the exact location where it was shot down.

Travel tips

• Transportation – Robust public transportation services are easily available in Kigali. Traffic management and road conditions are manageable.
• Money – you can exchange foreign currencies at any bank. Most places accept only local currency (Rwanda Franc), so it is better to get your money exchanged first.
• ATMs – located in almost every major bank.
• Supermarkets – Simba supermarket and Sharma supermarkets in Kigali are relatively economical that offer almost everything.

Safety Tips

• Crimes – Crimes do occasionally occur in Kigali. So avoid carrying a noticeable amount of money in public places. Avoid looking flashy to catch unnecessary attention.
• Taking walks – Avoid taking walks at night on your own

Book A Solo Tour Guide

To make the most of your trip, book a tour guide. For solo travellers this can be extremely useful. Whether it is for the nearest ATM, where to get your mobile charger, buying groceries or the hospital, up to date local advice can be just what you need to help you orientate yourself. Click here to see who is available.

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