How To Orientate Yourself in Cairo Egypt

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How To Orientate Yourself in Cairo Egypt

Cairo Egypt

How To Orientate Yourself in Cairo Egypt

One of Africa’s largest cities, Cairo Egypt is located along the Nile river in Lower Egypt. The city is a mixture of both the ancient outskirts and modern concrete jungles. It is both quiet and busy at the same time. You could witness extreme heat or cold winters. However, to really embrace the authenticity of Cairo, you have to grasp both characters the city has to offer. Thinking about the best way to do it? Better yet, wondering how to orientate yourself in Cairo? Don’t fret. Here are some important tips that will definitely be useful.

Safety First!

We are all in the middle of a pandemic and so our safety matters now more than ever when traveling overseas. So, make sure to keep your distance, sanitize, and always wear a mask. Furthermore, since you are a solo traveler, you are likely to be approached by strangers when walking down the street. Usually just to start up a conversation so be aware. In terms of clothing, keep in mind that Egypt is sandy and your clothes are soon going to get dirty. With this in mind, it is best to have extra clothes and appropriate footwear. Moreover, since Egypt is an Islamic country, people expect you to wear clothes that are not too revealing.

Learn a Bit of Arabic!

Now you don’t have to purchase a course in Arabic but learning some common Arabic phrases will be a game-changer. If things get bad, the easiest thing to do is to just download a translation app that will do all the translation for you! This way, you are less likely to be scammed. Also you will sound more confident when dealing with locals. On top of that, learn the local names of the places you want to visit and you will never find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere.

Important Places to Visit in Cairo!

The most famous tourist attraction is the Pyramids of Giza. Apart from that, we suggest you take a stroll along the streets of Cairo and keep some important places in mind for any emergency. Some of the most famous places are:
Khan el-Khalili: This is a colourful bazaar and souk where you can find souvenirs, spices, perfumes, etc.
Metro Market: This is the largest supermarket chain in Egypt and has more than 20 branches within Cairo itself.
National Bank of Egypt: The headquarters of this bank is in Cairo. It has more than 400 branches around the country.
Ramses Railway Station: This is Cairo’s main railway station.
Mall of Arabia: This is the biggest mall in Egypt.
Egyptian Museum: To learn more about the history and ancient culture of Egypt, this place is a must-visit!
Al-Azhar Park: This is a public park in Cairo and is a good place to relax since it is situated away from the busy parts of the city.

Indeed you can use them as reference points as you discover the city.

Use a Solo Tour Guide

Solo Tour Guides are local tour guides who help solo travelers. They will help you be with safety, local customs, and of course are an insight into the places you would not normally find on your own. Like that coffee shop serving the best cakes in town! To book your very own Solo Tour Guide for Cairo Egypt please click here.

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