How To Get Around Accra Ghana

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How To Get Around Accra Ghana

Busy Accra Ghana

How To Get Around Accra Ghana

Accra is Ghana’s capital city and is part of the Atlantic Ocean. The city is vulnerable to faulting due to the earthquakes that occur. This is one bustling city and so it is important to know how to get around and explore beautiful Accra amidst the congestion.

Tro-Tro (Shared Vehicle)

This is the cheapest mode of transportation you get in Accra. You and a few other people (strangers or otherwise) get to share a vehicle. It’s going to be a fixed route so you can get down wherever you want. The only downside to this mode of transportation is the lack of an air conditioner considering the hot weather in Accra.

Okada (Motorcycle Taxi)

Considering how busy Accra can get, this is the easiest and fastest way to get to your destination. However, this is also dangerous because they tend to drive fast and creep in between vehicles putting the passenger at risk. Motorcycle accidents are very famous in Ghana!


Believe it or not, this is another cheap mode of transportation to get around Accra. You will most likely not get a fancy ride but you can still get to where you need to be. Make sure they don’t stop the trip on the app before you reach your destination because they might ask you to pay a higher amount than usual. These drivers also prefer cash over cards so make sure you carry enough cash in your hand.


These vehicles are recognizable from ordinary vehicles. Prices may be higher than Uber but it’s a good enough mode of transport to get to your destination. Before you get into the vehicle, decide on a price with the driver and know the usual prices to different places in the city or you might end up being scammed.

Public Bus

A more comfortable and affordable option is the public bus. These buses run on a schedule so early booking is essential to avoid any disappointment. Moreover, since it is a public mode of transport, be aware of your personal belongings.

Hired Car

This is an expensive option as you’ve probably guessed but this is the last resort for anyone who didn’t find the above options useful. If you opt to hire a car without a driver, it is going to be extra challenging considering how busy the roads can get and so a newbie to the city like yourself might find it extremely difficult to get to the destination.

Hiring A Local Tour Guide

Solo Tour Guides are local guides who look after the safety and welfare of the Solo Traveler. As such they can show you around the places you want to see to help you orientate yourself in Accra. Check out who is available by clicking here.

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