How to Enjoy Quito Ecuador as a Solo Traveler

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How to Enjoy Quito Ecuador as a Solo Traveler

Historical Quarter of Quito Ecuador

How to Enjoy Quito Ecuador as a Solo Traveler

Enchanting Ecuador is a spectacularly diverse country. The beautiful Spanish-colonial capital, Quito, is surrounded by steep Andean valleys dotted with snow-capped peaks. In the east, the mountains descend into the humid rainforests of the Amazon lowlands, passing through beautiful valleys where indigenous Quechua village life appears to have altered little in decades. The beach-fringed tropical coast lies to the west, while the Galápagos Islands are far offshore in the dazzling Pacific. There’s adventure around every corner. Solo Quito Ecuador visitors will meet like-minded people when exploring the Andes, seeing animals in the Amazon, or whitewater rafting.

Solo travel lodging options in Quito Ecuador

Quito offers plenty of fantastic locations to stay for all budgets. Most hostels feature female-only dormitories, and with so many group travel choices available, it’s simple to connect with friends and book your multi-bedroom. Quito is brimming with lovely boutique hotels and hip hostels housed in Spanish colonial-era homes. Small spa resorts and backpacker deals abound in Baos, the adventure tourist hotspot. The Ecuadorean Amazon also contains some of the world’s top jungle lodges, complete with luxurious villa rooms. Galápagos cruises are available in a variety of pricing and comfort levels and should be booked well in advance.

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Things to Do and See in Quito Ecuador

Spend time in Parque Metropolitano

Parque Metropolitano

Parque Metropolitano

Parque Metropolitano is a vast 1,433-acre park on a hill offering panoramic views of the city and the Cumbayá Valley. This location is massive, including camping areas, cafés, BBQ pits, panoramic overlooks, mountain biking paths, and hiking trails. Keep a lookout for the colorful Crimson-Mantled Woodpecker and other unusual species while hiking the paths.

Pay a visit to Itchimbia Park and the Cultural Center

Itchimbia Park and Cultural Center

Itchimbia Park and Cultural Center

This park and cultural center, established in 2005, lies atop Itchimbia Hill, with panoramic views of the city and beyond, all the way to the snow-capped highlands and Pichincha Volcano. There’s also a glass house here that functions as an exhibition center and museum, hosting seminars, art displays, and other activities regularly. There are roughly 40 distinct bird species and 400 different varieties of tropical flora here.

Take a trip to the Museo del Banco Central

Museo del Banco Central

Museo del Banco Central

The Central Bank Museum houses a vast collection of items from all areas and civilizations of Ecuador, including pre-Incan and pre-Columbian pottery and gold artifacts. The Chorrera pottery from 900-300 BCE is among of the nicest things to see here, including bottles designed like small creatures that make animal noises when you pour water into them.

Money-Saving Suggestions

  • Assure your taxi is metered.
  • Eat at the marketplaces.
  • Take small change.
  • Carry a water bottle with you.

Keep safe and cheerful in Quito Ecuador

Pickpockets are widespread on public transportation, so keep a close eye on your possessions. Avoid wearing cameras or jewelry around your neck in public. If you take an unofficial yellow cab in Quito, be sure it has a green sticker with its ID number on the side. Uber is a viable option.

Book A Solo Tour Guide to Discover Quito Ecuador

Whilst discovering Quito on your own can be a wonderful experience, sometimes it is good to start off with a general orientation tour. For example To help you understand the transport system, the local mobile apps and places to eat which are value for money. To do this, book a Solo Tour Guide. He or she is a local friendly tour guide for Solo Travelers. To book one, please click here to evaluate your options.

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