How To Best Organise a Trip Around Madagascar Africa As a Solo Traveller

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How To Best Organise a Trip Around Madagascar Africa As a Solo Traveller

Avenue of the Baobabs Madagascar

How To Best Organise a Trip Around Madagascar Africa As a Solo Traveller

Curious to explore the island nation of Madagascar Africa alone? Here’s how to best organise your trip.

How to Travel Around Madagascar Africa

Madagascar is a challenging country to travel solo, mostly due to very poor transport infrastructure. You could pick one of four options.

A Group Tour Around Madagascar Africa

The first is an organised group tour. One that takes you on a set itinerary for a certain number of days via a tour bus. Pros, it’s easy and comfortable. Cons your itinerary is restricted and it’ll cost approximately 5,000 USD.

Using Internal Flights for your Trip Around Madagascar Africa

Secondly, you could fly between destinations (use Air Madagascar) and use a taxi to get around the destination. Pros, more freedom. Cons, it’ll still cost 200 USD per flight. Moreover flights may be prone to sudden cancellations.

Car Rental

Thirdly, rent a car. You can travel between destinations for roughly 75 USD a day. This generally comes with a driver. Pros, more freedom. Cons, long travel times. If time isn’t an issue, then this is an ok option. Provided you sport an attitude that the roads are part of the true Madagascar experience.

Public Transport Around Madagascar Africa

Finally, travel via public transport. The main method is the taxi-brousse (taxi-bus). It is an overcrowded minivan that travels between towns. Prices can vary from 0.5 to 25 USD, depending on where you are heading. Nevertheless the Pros, very cheap. And on the other hand the Cons, very uncomfortable, long travel times, and the driver tends to scam foreigners with prices. Moreover this method also does not cover all destinations so you will have to consider alternatives for some places.

Things to see in Madagascar

The Endemic Wildlife

At the start of your journey, you will undoubtedly be flying into Antananarivo. Madagascar’s capital and largest city. Here be sure to check out Lemurs Park, the Rova of Antananarivo, (a Royal Palace Complex) and the Analakely Market.

East of Antananarivo you’ll find Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. Take a guided tour and spot large Indri Lemurs. In addition spot Fossas, Chameleons and countless bird and plant species. Due to its geographic isolation most of Madagascar’s wildlife is endemic.

French Colonial Buildings

South of Antananarivo on the RN7 highway is Antsirabe. This is a town with beautiful French colonial buildings such as the Antsirabe Cathedral.

Baobab Avenue

Isalo National Park is an excellent place for hiking and photography due to its dramatic landscapes. Head to the west coast to Morondava, from which you can find the iconic Baobab Avenue, a visual landmark of Madagascar. Best viewed at sunset, some of these giant trees are almost 100 feet tall and nearly 2,800 years old.

Limestone Rock Forest

The Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park is an other-worldly jaggered limestone rock forest explored via swinging rope bridges. Very Instagram worthy.

Beaches & Marine Life

For a change of scenery head to Nosy Be Island for white sandy beaches, bars, restaurants, night life and hiking (Mont Passot). There is snorkelling too with whale sharks. Ile Sainte-Marie Island, is best to see migratory humpback whales that have moved from the Antarctica. Both these islands are best accessed by plane on a local carrier such as Air Madagascar. For a last stop head to Toamasina. There’s a train that operates from Toamasina to Antananarivo, alternatively you could also fly back.

Book A Solo Tour Guide for Madagascar Africa

Whilst it is great to discover places as a solo traveller, in some instances it is also great to have a local guide. It can save you time and money. Your Solo Tour Guide is a friendly tour guide who looks after the safety and welfare of a solo traveller at all times. He has your interests at heart and will make sure you are not cheated. Check out who is available, by clicking here.

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