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Your Perfect Travel Companion

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We suggest you first look at the Solo Tour Guide available at your destination and make a note of who you want to be your guide.


Our Solo Tour Guides are Specially Selected

Selected because of their knowledge of the city, their personality and their language skills, a Solo Tour Guide wants to make sure that you have a real good time on holiday. He is your local friend to show you the city. Your perfect travel companion.

A Solo Tour Guide is exclusively contracted to look after your safety and welfare, and be of assistance to help you enjoy your holiday. Having local knowledge the guide will know the major tourist attractions as well as how to go local. They can offer you a unique experience not often offered to the average holiday traveller.

To book one of the Solo Tour Guides please go to the enquiry form . Or send an email to . Alternatively Whatsapp +94-75-225-0678.

Send us details of:

1) the date of when you what the guide services

2) who you want to be your Solo Tour Guide – your perfect travel companion

3) the hotel you are staying at (the Solo Tour Guide can meet you at reception)

4) your Whatsapp no. if appropriate

We then check the availability of your chosen Solo Tour Guide.

If available, we send a request for the non refundable deposit payment  to you. Furthermore you can pay by PayPal or by any of the major credit cards accepted via PayPal (VISA, Maestro, Mastercard, American Express).

Once we receive your payment, we send you  a confirmation email. At the same time, we send your contact details to the Solo Tour Guide..

The Solo Tour Guide will then contact you directly by email or Whats App to introduce himself and enquire about your interests for the itinerary.

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