Finding Your Way Around Johannesburg South Africa

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Finding Your Way Around Johannesburg South Africa

Johannesburg South Africa City Centre

Finding Your Way Around Johannesburg South Africa

There is literally nowhere better than Johannesburg if you are interested to see the modern face of South Africa. This energetic, diverse, and progressive city deals with multiple racial segregations. You may hear languages like Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, as well as Hindi and Chinese. The city is South Africa’s richest and the biggest. Moreover it is also home to a man-made forest of at least 10 million trees. How cool is that? No wonder the city is refreshing and spacious!

Why should you visit Johannesburg?

If you are into music and nightlife Jo’burg will not disappoint. The city buzzes with entertainment venues at all times of the day. In addition, Johannesburg is a destination where the most famous local and international music icons perform live. That’s not it. You have the vineyards, markets, fields and different cuisines. All make this a unique destination which does not go unnoticed by the travel enthusiast.

How to get to Johannesburg?

Firstly, there are many airliners from various countries who fly directly to South Africa. The majority of the airlines land in Johannesburg and Tambo airports. However, there are fewer direct flights to Johannesburg from North America so you may have to take transit flights in this case. Once you land at the Johannesburg International Airport, you can visit the tourist information centre situated at the airport itself to gather any required tourist information.

How to get around Johannesburg?

There are plenty of transportation modes to get around Johannesburg. Your number one option should be Gautrain rail as this provides immense convenience during the rush hours. Buses, taxis, and private car rentals services are also easily available in the city. If you have already booked a hotel, they may provide you with the arrival transfer fee of charge. Check this first before you step into any of the public transportations services.

To go about the city, you can use the Rea Vaya Rapid Transit bus service. This is commonly used by the locals. While driving still provides much convenience in the city, there are certain areas in the suburbs such as Melville you can explore on foot. The metro buses mainly run between the suburbs and the town centre. They start and end at Gandhi Square. However, to venture away from the city to national parks and other interesting places, renting a car may be the ideal option. As many of these places are not accessible by public transportation services.

Travel tips

• Currency exchange – Inform your local bank of your tour. Upon arriving in Johannesburg, you can withdraw money from any ATM without hassle.
• Supermarkets – The city offers plenty of supermarkets and grocery stores to purchase your nibbles. and necessities. For example Ranc Supermarket, Checkers, Super Save Convenience and Lemon Grove Kwikspar to name a few.

Safety tips

• Jo’burg is safe to walk during the daytime but not necessarily so at night time.
• Avoid using your mobile while walking.
• Refrain from attracting attention, that is avoid wearing glitzy jewellt.ery.
• Keep an eye on your belongings while walking in the streets. Purses and wallets to the front.
• If you are self-driving, keep the car doors locked at all times.

Book A Solo Tour Guide to Show You Around

If you want to find your way around Johannesburg South Africa, teh best thing is to book a Solo Tour Guide. A friendly tour guide who can shop you the city at the local level so you can manage your way around the city on your own. For example you may want to know where the local ATM is, the supermarket, the mobile shop or pharmacy.
To book a Solo Tour Guide, please click here.

Other destinations in South Africa are Cape Town and Paarl.

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