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Alone In Alexandria Egypt

Alone In Alexandria Egypt Alexandria was founded in 331 BC by 25-year-old Alexander the Great. Its Pharos lighthouse, which marked the entrance to the ancient harbor, was one of the Seven Wonders of the World. In addition its Great Library was the library of ancient knowledge. From the late nineteenth century until the 1950s, Alexandria was a bohemian tourist destination. Packed with a glittering cast of writers, poets, and painters who made the city their…
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Discovering Egyptology in Luxor Egypt

Discovering Egyptology in Luxor Egypt The capital of Ancient Egypt is Luxor. Thus, the best place to discover Egyptology is undoubtedly Luxor, but know what’s even better? Having an Egyptologist by your side to explain every detail that you might miss. However, not mandatory, it is highly advisable. Indeed contact your local guide for Luxor who specializes in looking after the safety and welfare of the solo traveller. For more info click here. Being one…
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How To Orientate Yourself in Cairo Egypt

How To Orientate Yourself in Cairo Egypt One of Africa’s largest cities, Cairo Egypt is located along the Nile river in Lower Egypt. The city is a mixture of both the ancient outskirts and modern concrete jungles. It is both quiet and busy at the same time. You could witness extreme heat or cold winters. However, to really embrace the authenticity of Cairo, you have to grasp both characters the city has to offer. Thinking…
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