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How Solo Tour Guides was created for the single traveller.

I was a single traveller to Ho Chi Minh when I was alone in the evening and didn’t really know where to go out. I thought wouldn’t it be nice if I knew a local. Someone to show me around, where to go, what was of interest and to avoid the tourist traps that adorn such cities. And if I wanted to go out for a drink, where to go out and at what time would it be relatively busy.

Yes, I was aware of various guides such as Lonely Planet but cities are alive. Some places open, some close. And what I really wanted to know what was trending at that moment in time. Only a local could have such knowledge.

Then the idea of having someone to look after me on say a 2 or 3 day trip, sounded even greater. Someone who speaks the local language and to help with shopping. However that idea was revised because I realised that most single travellers just wanted the assistance for half a day or full day, not someone to be permanently at their side.

So in 2016, Solo Tour Guides was born. I put an advert in a local newspaper asking for English speaking guides. So the first Solo Tour Guide came from Ho Chi Minh, and then I selected a few more South Asian cities such as Phnom Penh, Bangkok, Negombo and Hanoi.

I discovered that this service is greatly loved by the guide and the guest alike. The guest loves being shown around by a friendly younger guide. Likewise, the Solo Tour Guide loves showing the guest around too.

Our testimonials were truly amazing.

Here’s one example for our most popular solo tour guide, who is Antar in Istanbul.

“We LOVED Antar! He truly made our trip to Istanbul an experience that we’ll never forget. Antar was not only knowledgeable about the city. He knew how to avoid avoid tourist traps. He was also extremely easy to talk to and he had a pleasant attitude the entire time we were together. In looking back on our trip, he will be fondly remembered as being the main reason the trip was such a success. I recommend Antar to anyone who would like to have a fun. Interesting and knowledgeable guide for their trip to Istanbul”. Review by Jeff, UK

So much so that the guest service has expanded to over 110 worldwide destinations today and is continually growing.

This is thanks to you all. Alan Stables

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