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It’s time to revolutionise the way solo travellers spend their vacation!

Welcome to Solo Tour Guides. Your perfect travel companion for single women or men.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had somebody to look after you. To ensure that you have a safe trip and put your welfare first. Somebody who spoke your language, but who was local.

When you visit a new area, wouldn’t it be great to have someone to help you be orientated in the new resort. To help you find the nearest ATM, the local shops, what are the food options and the best place to buy a bottle of wine etc.

Then what you need is your very own friendly local tour guide.



Tired of going on holiday on your own? Hate it when you have to dine alone? Explore the country with a local guide, they love to chat and share their knowledge


Want to see some things, but not others? Your solo tour guide will help you plan a personalised itinerary to cover your needs.


Our friendly guides will look after your safety and welfare. They are your extra pair of eyes and ears. They understand the local language and customs


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Guest Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our guests say:

Onder in Istanbul, Turkey

“Onder was fantastic!! We had a terrific day together, one which I won’t soon forget. He was communicative, prompt, friendly, intelligent and spoke excellent English. His knowledge of the areas we visited was awesome, as well. We went to Balat, walked around Galata, had lunch at a mezes restaurant . I can only give Onder my highest praise and recommendation. Many thanks and, if Onder is typical, I wouldn’t hesitate to book with Solo Tour Guides again.” –
Review by Thom, USA

Rafael in Mexico City

“I highly recommend Solo Tour Guides as a service. I am used to traveling alone and consider myself pretty self sufficient. Then came across Rafael and Solo Tour Guides as a service on my recent trip to Mexico City. Rafael was terrific. He helped me make the best use of my time by showing me all the great spots to eat, sightsee, and go out. He took care of all of the reservations and accompanied me on some of my meals which allowed me some much needed Spanish practice. Rafael was knowledgeable about the unique aspects of Mexico City’s history and culture. I had a great experience without any of the tough planning work that you sometimes have to do. Therefore I would highly recommend this service!” 
Review by Mel, USA

Khaled in Cairo, Egypt

“Within only one day we discussed with Khaled the whole trip in Egypt. Khaled showed his professional way to interact with clients, and I was soon convinced to make the whole tour with him. His knowledge of Egyptology is outstanding, and he also addresses all aspects of local life.
He organised everything, flights within Egypt, Nile cruise, entrance fees, transport etc. I recommend everyone to ask for Khaled if you want to go for a tour all over Egypt, I would do it again. Thanks to Khaled, it was a nice time , enjoyed it very much” 

Review by Wolfgang, Germany

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