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It’s time to revolutionise the way solo travellers spend their vacation!

Welcome to Solo Tour Guides. Your perfect travel companion for single women or men

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had somebody to look after you. To ensure that you have a safe trip and put your welfare first. Somebody who spoke your language, but who was local.

When you visit a new area, wouldn’t it be great to have someone to help you be orientated in the new resort. To help you find the nearest ATM, the local shops, what are the food options and the best place to buy a bottle of wine etc. Then what you need is your very own friendly local tour guide.



Tired of going on holiday on your own? Hate it when you have to dine alone? Explore the country with a local guide, they love to chat and share their knowledge


Want to see some things, but not others? Your solo tour guide will help you plan a personalised itinerary to cover your needs.


Our friendly guides will look after your safety and welfare. They are your extra pair of eyes and ears. They understand the local language and customs


Guest Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our guests say:

Ahmed in Luxor, Eqypt

It was our first time booking a guide through ‘Solo Tour Guides’ and we can only say that it was a good decision.
Ahmed is well educated, was always more than punctual, spoke excellent English and is a studied Egyptologist.
We saw all the major attractions of Luxor and Ahmed could answer any question we had and we really appreciated his knowledge about the area, history or any other topic. Moreover he recommended some nice and clean local restaurants.
We can just recommend to employ Ahmed when visiting Luxor !
Review by Frank, Germany

Dewardana in Bali, Indonesia

I was in Bali for the first time over the New Year’s holiday. I was able to meet up with Dewardana on two different days! We were able to explore Seminyak and then spend some time in Ubud. He was a great companion!

Not only was he knowledgeable and accommodating to my many requests and questions – he was fun! We spent plenty of time in Bali traffic, and I was never bored. He made sure that my time in Bali was well spent. When I return I hope Dewardana is available! Review by Edward, USA
Luciano in Bangkok, Thailand

Luca is a truly amazing man, inspiring, considerate, knowledgeable and everything and more that one could ask for in a companion to guide you safely around all the sights that one would like to see, and also ones that are off the beaten track to typical tourists. Luca went above and beyond expectations and always went that extra mile. He gave me invaluable and insights into the local areas and cultures, I cannot sing his praises highly enough, I’m inspired by his  determination in life. You will find no better person to become you’re guiding light.

Review by Kevin, UK

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